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What makes us such experts on attracting clients and building your business?

Many years ago we had a successful business which generated six figures a year and we happily spent our six figure a year income too.

All was good until the internet came along and our marketing stopped working. 

Our clients still loved what we did for them and they continued to refer people to us, but the source of new leads dried up almost overnight and we had no idea what to do to create new ones.

We advertised in local newspapers and magazines.  We tried blog posting, social media, networking, Facebook ads, Google ads... you name it and we had tried it - but nothing seemed to stick.

We were forced to eventually close that business which was one of the hardest decisions of my life.  There I was with an MBA, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and zero idea on how to save my business from going under.

After a week of feeling sorry for myself I made a commitment to understand what it really takes to attract clients.  Simply being great at what we were doing wasn't enough.

I invested heavily in my own education and training and after numerous false starts, I discovered a book written in the 1970s by a zoologist called Desmond Morris.

He had identified that there are 12 steps to creating a healthy human relationship and his foundation served as the bedrock for how we started to attract clients.  

Desmond Morris' breakthrough was that success in creating a relationship was not dependant upon the speed at which people went through the steps, it could happen extremely rapidly.  Rather it was whether one person skipped any of the steps because it would feel pushy and overbearing to the other person.

Let me give you an example.

Have you ever received an email from a company you barely know and for it to try to get you to buy something?  We all have.

The reason nobody buys is because it feels so pushy.  What they company is doing is going from Step 1 of how a human relationship develops (which is awareness that the other person exists) through to Step 10 where you get married.

It's too much too fast.  The trouble is a tiny percentage of people will do it, so you get the false sense that it could  work.  

As I read the book, it all clicked.  

The way to attract clients was no more than understanding the required steps and moving each person through the sequence in a subtle and seamless manner.

Over the years we refined the process and can now, on a single sheet of paper, outline precisely how to attract a business' ideal clients and how to maximise the profit without ever having to sell.  

As our business grew we took on a small and highly specialised team of technical developers to help build out our strategies.  

We take a holistic view of each business we work with to understand where the business is right now and where the owner wants to move to.  And then we create a simple and bespoke strategy to help them reach their goals.  

Some businesses thrive if they start to develop a social media strategy, but for some it's a waste of time.  

Others simply need to use their email list (even if your "list" are all those business cards in the bottom of a drawer) because no matter what you may hear, email is the fastest way to generate revenue - it's just that most of the emails you receive do it badly.

And sometimes it's no more than taking the customers you already have and offering them products or services they want to buy, but have to buy from somewhere else.  If they already have a relationship with you, they'd much rather just work with you than have to go elsewhere.  All you need to do is give them the opportunity.

Our ideal clients are business owners who have 15+ years of experience and who want to scale up by leveraging their expertise.  They've put in enough hours over the years and now it's time to make that knowledge pay them back so they can move away from the daily grind.

We can show you how to make your business more valuable by removing you from the daily running (it won't happen overnight, but no business is truly valuable if the principle is run over by a bus because everything stops instantly).  

We can show you how to make your marketing simple and work for you, so you're in control.  We can show you how to make very simple plans so you're always focused, clear on why you're doing something and excited about what's happening.

Or if you wish, we can do it all for you.

If you're in a place where you've had enough of doing it by yourself, where you have a feast and famine situation and you just want to do the parts you love to do, then pick up the phone and call us or email [email protected]  In about 30 minutes we can show you how easy it really can be to take that step back and thrive.

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