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The fastest way to grow your coaching business is to build an email list... but to do that you're always told to 'niche down' first.

But has niching down ever helped you or actually grown your business? Or has it left you feeling trapped and frustrated? There is a fast and simple way to to understand who to target without ever having to niche down. The Coach Launch Pad Formula has been developed from in-depth discussions with hundreds of business and personal coaches to a fast, streamlined and step-by-step sequence so you know exactly what your Unique Personal Genius is and which high-paying and highly motivated clients are actively looking for those exact skills right now.

What You'll Discover in this 30-Minute Training:


Why 'niching down' will trap you

When you niche down you focus on a tiny element of all the people you could help... it traps you into 'small mindset thinking' when what you really need is to expand outwards and harness your vitality and creativity. Only then can you attract new clients.


Your 'Unique Personal Genius'

To build your perfect business everything must start with you and the training explains the exact steps to take to find the unique qualities which people are actively looking for.


Which clients to work with (and who NOT to!)

Coaches can help many different types of people transform their lives however you'll have noticed some are easy to work with whilst others are... let's say 'challenging'. You'll discover how to ONLY work with the ones who are perfect for you - easy to work with and effortless to guide to their life-changing transformations.


Know who is DESPERATE to find you

When you know who to target, because you can effortlessly help them to their perfect outcome, the training will show you the next step... to identify the sub-group who are most highly motivated (and willing to pay) and who are actively looking for your exact skills right now

What Others Are Saying:

Ksenija Krevs - Personal Coach

"I really need to share this... because for the first time in my life I can see where my business is going and how I can really use all the hard earned experience and knowledge... to make my dreams come true. Gareth is the first person who has shown me how to do it. I'm coming back to me..."

"I was very impressed at how you looked at my business from the outside and you immediately saw the opportunities I was leaving out.
I felt I was stuck for quite some time now and I didn't know what to do to grow my business... you gave me 3 things I could execute in 7 days which I am sure will move my business forward."

Eddie Corbo - Business Coach

Laurie Proctor - Transformation Coach

"Gareth is brilliant at helping coaches find and refine their niches... and giving you step by step tangible ways to get clients in your door. Your programme is going to be amazing and going to change the lives of not only the coaches you serve but all the people they serve."

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